Hey, I’m Scott. 

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In 2008, I decided that photographing headshots wasn’t challenging me enough. So I started down the path of learning how the Wedding Photography process worked. I signed up for a Wedding workshop at Julia Dean Photo workshops taught by Yvette Roman on Venice Beach.
Fast forward to today, Yvette Roman continues to be one of the most imaginative and professional wedding photographers. There were 8 of us in this workshop and we were nervous. None of us had any real experience photographing weddings. Yvette was photographing Santa Barbara weddings and other dreamy locations. She treated all of us as future professional wedding photographers with an emphasis on creating a smooth wedding day for the bride.

Having never photographed a wedding I know how to organize a great timeline, what brides are looking for, what questions to ask brides that they might not have considered. More...

My first real wedding was booked from my former headshot portfolio and what I learned from the Yvette Roman workshop. Created a great timeline based upon the bride and groom's needs and knew what they wanted creatively wanted from me. I was prepared! When the wedding day arrived, a hospital visit ran over time. The bride and I made changes to the timeline. I had less than 20 minutes to photograph more than 40+ bride and groom, bridal party portraits. I calmly went through the list, placed, posed, and got everyone in an organic state. Late in the event when I was getting praise... I realized that I could never have performed creatively that day without the knowledge I learned from Yvette’s workshop. 13 years later, these principles are the first steps on how I plan the wedding day.

I'm not just a Photographer. I'm an artist/photographer. Since 2007.

I would love to hear about your wedding plans and wishes ❤️

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